Welcome to BeNeFoot, the website dedicated to the best English-language coverage of Belgian and Dutch football. BeNeFoot was set up by a small, but growing group of dedicated enthusiasts, who wish not only to find a vehicle to channel their passion for football in the region but to spread the gospel of two fantastic but sometimes overlooked leagues to a wider footballing public.

Gary Niblock – Founder and Chief Belgian Football Editor

Bjorn De Cock – Co-founder and Belgian Editor

Chris Mayer – Belgian Editor

Luke Harvey – Belgian Editor

Laura Pera – Design Editor and Belgian Contributor

Michiel Jongsma
– Chief Dutch Football Editor

Peter McVitie – Dutch Editor At Large

Mark Lievisse Adriaanse – Dutch writer

Priya Ramesh – Dutch writer
You can get in touch by sending an email to one of the following:

Bjorn De Cock (Belgian football Betting and Advertising): Bjorn.DeCock@Benefoot.net

Michiel Jongsma (Dutch football): Michiel.Jongsma@Benefoot.net

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  1. Niek Wouters

    Hi Gary,

    Well done with the website, there’s lots interesting information here.

    I was hoping to ask you a few questions, is there any way to contact you in a more personal manner?

    Kind Regards,

    Niek Wouters

  2. Patrick Watson

    Hi Gary,

    I wanted to get in contact with you about a great campaign from Warrior Football. It would be great to collaborate with your blog, if you could get in contact with my via my email, that would be brilliant.

    Kind Regards,