ATTENTION: Belgium and World Cup 2014 qualification

Quite frankly, I am sick and tired of bandwagon jumpers seeking some cheap publicity or a few internet hits by writing an article on Belgium’s chances of qualifying for or even winning World Cup 2014. These identikit articles appear to have been mass-produced on an industrial scale by Tesco or Ikea. Lacking in critical analysis, they mainly consist of hyperbole and a collection of the leading players Marc Wilmots has at his disposal. However, any proper assessment of any football team – and Belgium is no different – must not be reduced to your shopping list when you pop in to Asda or Walmart (or Delhaize!) for the weekly shop. For a start, qualification is far from assured with a tough game in Croatia still to come and rather atypically, the results have exceeded the performances. The defence has done very well and the team have gained points when they would otherwise have let them slip. Wilmots is a popular figure with the players, progress has been made and the future may well be bright but let’s not get carried away and indulge in nonsense, which is not so much half-baked as raw. If you’re interested in the progress of the national team, don’t be led up the garden path and whether or not you watch yourself, take your analysis from those who follow the Diables Rouges / Rode Duivels and Belgian football more closely than the next wannabe top journalist, be they Belgian or otherwise.

You might find something beyond a list of Jose Mourinho’s transfer targets here:

Gary Niblock
Founder and Belgian Football Editor

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