Belgium 2-1 Algeria: The paper review!

It’s one of those special occasions when we go all James Richardson on you and show you a selection of the front pages of Belgium’s main newspapers this morning in the wake of the 2-1 win over Algeria last night.

Het Laatste Nieuws


Belgium’s biggest selling newspaper leasd with the headline “Stress” and says Belgium were “saved by the bench”. Not sure if the reference to a certain American TV show works in Flanders but it’s a pretty good headline for Anglophones! There’s also an interesting fact saying that the loudest celebration was recorded at 143 decibels, louder than a plane taking off.

La Dernière Heure


La DH goes with a very clever front page showing the two main protagonists off the bench in Marouane Fellaini and then Dries Mertens rather appropriately upside down as that’s how he turned the match. The headline says “Astounding!”.

Le Soir


Le Soir also goes with “Astounding” saying that Belgium beat Algeria 2-1 after 70 difficult minutes.

Het Nieuwsblad



Het Nieuwsblad leads with a huge sigh of relief and “Golden changes”, explaining how Fellaini and Mertens transformed the game after coming on.

De Morgen


De Morgen also focuses on Fellaini and Mertens with a great headline rhyming in Dutch that says “With thanks to the bench”.

La Libre


La Libre sums up the mood of the nation in their headline “Relief”.

De Standaard



De Standaard goes with the headline “Devilish Relief”.

La Capitale


The Brussels edition of the Sudpresse papers goes with “Magnificent! – Fellaini and Mertens freed the Devils from the Algerian trap.



We come to L’Avenir. They say that les Diables gave us a fright and found it tough going against Algeria and that the team need to improve if they want to get past Russia.

Gazet van Antwerpen


Our final newspaper is the GvA who go with “Phew! Did it! Relief is the overwhelming emotion after a laborious 2-1 win over Algeria.”

What was your favourite front page and how are you feeling today after the game? Comments welcome in English, French, Dutch and even German.

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