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Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Yaya Touré, Luis Suárez, Dante, Jan Koller and of course the likes of Kompany, Van Persie, Robben and Courtois: all players educated in the Low Countries, the breeding room of international football. Belgium and the Netherlands are renowned for producing technically gifted and tactically intelligent players. Their admirable devotion to developing youth and belief in giving their young players a chance to prove themselves has lead the two leagues to produce a constant stream of talent. The fast-paced attacking football the leagues’ teams play allows youngsters to develop their technique, decision making ability and
passing ability, among many other valuable attributes.As the richer teams from more lucrative leagues come scouring around for the next rising stars, the Jupiler Pro League and Eredivisie clubs must keep pushing through generation after generation of supreme talents to remain competitive and entertaining.Due to the constant turnover of players and the selling nature of even the biggest clubs, there are always a large number of young players emerging to entertain us and light up the league. The JPL and Eredivisie don’t buy stars, they make them.

Thus, we at have produced this publication profiling who our writers feel are the top 10 revelations of each of the Belgian and Dutch top flights in the 2013-14 season. Most of these players just enjoyed their first full season as regular starters for
their respective clubs and showed a great deal of promise. They have the potential to go on and achieve great things in the game. We reckon this might be the first thing you read on some of these prospects, but it definitely won’t be the last.

Peter McVitie, editor of Dutch football at

This list was decided and written by BeNeFoot writers: Peter McVitie, Michiel Jongsma, Gary Niblock, Luke Harvey, Bjorn De Cock & Chris Mayer. Designed by Laura Pera.

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