Premier League, Bundesliga & Serie A clubs showing interest in Tommy Oar

FC Utrecht and Australia winger Tommy Oar has opened talks with several English clubs, while teams in Spain, Germany and Italy are also showing an interest.

The 23-year-old, who is a free agent once his contract with Utrecht expires on June 30, has already rejected “more than 10 clubs”, with “silly money” being offered from various sides around Qatar, Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia as well as several MLS teams.

Oar, who featured at the World Cup with the Socceroos in 2014 was a member of the side that won the Asian Cup earlier this year, has spoken openly about his desire to play in the Premier League and it is a move he could make this summer.

“We are specifically looking at a couple of options which we are talking with right now,” his agent, Michael Jansen, told BeNeFoot.

“A lot of focus is on England at the moment, but also other countries like Germany, Italy and Spain are still open.

“There is interest from the Premier League and the Championship. There have been some clubs from the Championship that we have rejected.  In the Premier League, we are a bit doubtful that he will play enough for some teams.

“At one point, he wants to play in the Premier League. That is the aim. Sooner or later it will happen, I’m confident about that. But it is the biggest league in the world, so the clubs over there can sign any player they want.

“So between these options, he is thinking ‘maybe it’s better to go to a club that I know I will play in more, otherwise after six months I may have to go on loan again’.

“He is an intelligent boy and he won’t make his decision so easily.

“The Championship is not a step backwards from the Dutch league at the moment and the level of clubs interested in him are from the top of the league.

“Besides English teams, we’re still talking with Bundesliga and Serie A teams. “

Jansen says Oar has turned down clubs from the Middle East who offered “money he could probably not earn in the Premier League”, insisting that “it’s not about the money, it’s about the development of his career”.

He also suggests the attacker will require assurances over playing time before he will agree to join any potential suitors to ensure he develops in the right way.

“What can also make the decision easier for Tommy is the coach,” he added. “That is very important for him.

“If he wanted, he already could have signed for more than 10 clubs.

“There have been talks with clubs already. But the coming weeks will show what will happen.”

Oar joined Utrecht from Brisbane Roar in 2010 and has been a key part of the team since. However, in his final season, one which saw a sizeable shift in his style as he adapted to become more of a creator than a direct threat, did not end well. Having told Utrecht of his desire to leave for free at the end of his contract, he was subsequently dropped from the team, despite being one of the league’s most consistent chance creators.

“Utrecht was upset that he didn’t renew his contract with them, so they put a lot of pressure on the whole staff to not play him anymore,” Jansen explains.

“On one side you can understand it, that Utrecht was upset because it’s true that the owner spent money to get him over and he did everything he could to make the boys feel comfortable in Holland.

“But we never said that we are really going to extend his contract. We said we were thinking about it and if there will be a possibility that Utrecht could sell him then we would work on it so that it will benefit both parties.

“At one point though, the boy needs to make the right decision in his career.”

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